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INSPIRATION BLAST "THE LORD'S WORK" – is demonstrated through HIS power and love towards us. We use phrases like "WON'T HE DO IT and NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD" in our lives from the simple to the greatest in meeting our needs and desires. Something simple, but a "Big deal." I was almost oversleeping this Sunday morning and needed to be up for 6:30 a.m. prayer. The LORD sent my sister (not in person nor through the phone) to me saying in my head "Aren't you supposed to be up this morning, get up." The Blast also focuses on the greater things God has done, to make our requests known and a reminder we are GOD'S elect-His chosen. A must read. Please click below to receive what God has for us. Continue blessings!!!
We are to Praise the LORD for His mighty acts, power, authority, His suffering and death on the cross, deliverance, salvation, love, grace and mercy. We are to continue Praising the LORD in the midst of our pains and sorrows.
Approximately 5 minute Inspirational Blast Moving Forward "A Promise" shares my story, God's response to my cry, and A Promise that results to discourse. Moreover based on my actions seemingly forgot my Promise, all God has done, continues doing for and through me! Hopefully this Inspirational Blast will inspire you and others to realize all God has and continues doing for and through you. Then like me if applicable, honor your Promise.