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Episode 1 Helpless

Bella is feeling "Helpless." Read the "Helpless" lyrics below. The episode "Helpless" is associated with the Introduction of Get Through, Going Through Life book. This book talks about real life situations like hills and mountains. Some issues maybe small like a hill or big like a mountain. Your Destiny, Your Best Blog Talk Radio Show will address Bella's life issues that is possibly the story or experiences of many other women. Disclaimer: Your Destiny, Your Best Blog Talk Radio Show does not substitute or take the place of all listeners seeking the advice of your doctor and/or a community mental health provider.

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Defining Your Life Purpose - God's Will

This article Defining Your Life Purpose - "God's Will" is for the MILLENNIALS. The intentions are to increase: (1) Awareness of your life purpose to include drive, passion and talent/gift; (2) Your strategies to operate in and fulfill your life purpose; and (3) Learning how your purpose can develop and change through life experiences.

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Disobedience To Obedience

Power of the Blood at Work Broken Veil-Revised Ebook confirms our ability to succeed in life when we are obedient to God's Word. We learn: (1) how "To get up, when down;" (2) to operate in wisdom & knowledge concerning the Coronavirus: & (3) the importance of humility, praying, seeking God & turning from our wicked ways. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 for God's promises. Finally a perfect gift for Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Visit E Store today for your copy @ $3.59.

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