Free Resources

Arnetha request an email address for free resources to serve you better and to notify you of new free resources, new children books, Christian books and articles. Also please send an email to giving positive or negative feedback about the resources. And/or for needed resources and information. Offering templates of the Word to support and possibly increase a thirst for Bible Study and Prayer Meetings, Groups or Campaigns. Feel free to complete, rearrange or recreate the brochure to support your ministry needs.

What You Get

  1. Prayer Brochure presents The Model Prayer. Examples are: Our Father teaches a personal relationship with God and others. Which art in heaven teaches faith. More include Paul's elaboration on what builds up the church. Supplication, the Greek word is from a root that means to lack, to be deprived or to be without. This kind of prayer occurs because of a need. The lost have a great need for salvation, and believers should always ask God to meet that need.
  2. Bible Study Brochure presents God's Word as the Way of Life for Doctrine (teaching), Reproof (conviction),Correction (setting something straight) and Instructions (process of training a child 2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV); the Books and Synopsis of Themes like Exodus is Redemption and 2 Timothy is Faithfulness in Ministry; the Parable the Persistent Widow (Luke 18:1-8) and more!
  3. Christmas play titled, Immanuel the Promised One. - Peyton our modern-day character thought before she laid me down to sleep praying LORD - my soul to keep desires to dream about the biblical prophecies of Immanuel's birth, His birth AND to dream in real time, this present year 2021 about the birth of Immanuel and the celebration of His birth. Follow us as the story unfolds.