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Arnetha aka Neatbooks4u

Giving Thanks/Thanksgiving demonstrates our gratitude for endless blessings to include harvest, family & prosperity. Moreover, I would be amiss for failing to acknowledge this holiday triggers depression, isolation & pain. This is the truth for those who have experience the death of loved ones & or other trauma events. The purpose of this article is to share a portion of history on Giving Thanks/Thanksgiving, mourning of the Wampanoag-Native Americans & grieving insight/help.
I Am, Chapter One of Get Through, Going through Life book was written to reinforce God's love for us; and belief that God--Himself--orchestrated Paul's writings on warfare to help everyone get through life challenges.
Jesus raised from the dead the only son of a widow. He was being carried out in a coffin among a large crowd. His mother was crying. Jesus said to her "Do not weep." He then touched the open coffin and said "Young man, I say to you, ARISE. So, he who was dead sat up! (Luke 7:11-16)