Getting Through the Holidays

A summary of Getting Through the Holidays portrays real feelings and emotions associated with the loss and memories of loved ones; as well as, trauma events. Excerpts are shared from Help in the Midst of Grieving Handbook to hopefully benefit and bless others. I will also share the passion to write this handbook.

Getting Through the Holidays for many is more difficult. Difficult due to the #loss and memories of loved ones, real time experiences of sufferings and past #trauma life events.  Most likely, we correlate the loss and memories of loved ones to #death. However real time experiences of sufferings implies my mother or child still lives, but suffers from sickness or old age. Yes, we think about their death that may lead to crying  and #sadness. Then we help ourselves by redirecting those thoughts to something positive. Can you relate to this? Past trauma events includes #victims and #survivals of drive-bys, tracfficking and other crimes or harm that impacts one directly or indirectly. As a whole, our #emotions ranges from light to severe. This includes sadness, shame, anger, hate and fear.

Excerpts of Help in the Midst of Grieving Handbook on how to #cope includes Exaltations and Declarations. "The purposes are to Reconfirm God's power and believe He will/can sustain us. It is not to minimize ones despair or loss of our loved one, but to help us cope healthier with our loss, emotions and trauma." There are activity sheets  of "Understanding & Coping with Your Emotions." Another tool is "#Laughter is good for you. It releases the chemical dopamine from the brain stimulating the heart and lungs. Laughter also temporarily relieves stress and relax your muscles. Think about something funny or watch a funny movie. Think about your loved ones jokes and what was funny to them. Laugh like before. Laughter does not mean you feel less about your loved ones passing away, but you are affirming how they loved life and your love for life."

Finally, this handbook was penned, because my cousin died and my aunt/his mother was in distress. Please like my page, give me some feedback and as always, get your copy of Help in the Midst of Grieving Handbook for yourself, family member and/or friend. Many continued Blessings, Arnetha aka Neatbooks4u

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