Disobedience To Obedience

Power of the Blood at Work Broken Veil-Revised Ebook confirms our ability to succeed in life when we are obedient to God's Word. We learn: (1) how "To get up, when down;" (2) to operate in wisdom & knowledge concerning the Coronavirus: & (3) the importance of humility, praying, seeking God & turning from our wicked ways. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 for God's promises. Finally a perfect gift for Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Visit E Store today for your copy @ $3.59.

Power of the Blood at Work Broken Veil-revised EBook was birth out of broken-ness in my spirit. This means, my relationship with God was weak. Then broken again in my flesh, since I did not have money to substantially support myself. This was a terrible time in my life that resulted from disobediance. God gave me an assignment. However my response to Him was, "I don't have time for this." Therefore my cycle of life events had to run its course. Upon repentance that assignment developed into a talent/gift.

What is your God given assignment? Are/were you submissive to your call? Are you fulfilling or fulfilled your assignment? Did your assignment result to a talent/gift?

The global crisis of today is the result of sin. We have chosen to live according to what we think is right; according to lust; and desires. Instead of reading the Bible, praying and seeking God for how we should live.

Everyone was created to serve God. Who is God? There are many names to describe Him, but to mention a few: Elohim is plural (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). God's incredible power and might; Yahweh, the Hebrew word for "I Am, That I Am"; the LORD will provide; Abba, our Daddy; El Roi, the God who sees; and Jehovah Ropha, the LORD who heals.

Do you desire to serve God more? Can you benefit from encouragement or how to remain focus in pleasing God? If your answer is YES, then Power of the Blood at Work Broken Veil EBook-Revised is for you! It serves as a guide to increase your understanding: (1) that growing in Christ is a process; (2) of knowing when God is talking to you; (3) of learning to wait and trust God; (4) of His Covenant promises; (5) the significance of the broken veil; (6) the benefits of the Blood of Jesus; and (7) how to apply His blood. A Workbook in the rear is for your spiritual, professional and personal growth. Thanks for allowing me to share, please share article with family, friends and church & many blessings!

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