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Monday Morning Inspirational Blast "A RIGHT NOW GOD" is a longing for God because of the plea expressed through the lyrics of COME BY HERE, MY LORD OR KUMBAYA." Then in response to meeting our needs Psalm 91 talks about "Abiding under the Shadow of the Almighty," a metaphor of God's ongoing care and protection for all believers, the condition of His promises and more. A must read.

Welcome to #YourDestiny, #Your Best Monday Morning Inspirational Blast a longing for “A RIGHT NOW GOD” begins with “COME BY HERE, MY LORD OR KUMBAYA” that seems to have originated from the late Rev. Marvin V. Frey (1918-1991). The lyrics are “Come by here, my LORD (3x’s). O LORD come by here.” A cry out! “Somebody needs You, LORD (3x’s). O LORD come by here. Stuff is happening all around me LORD! “Somebody praying LORD (3x’s). O LORD come by here.” Nobody can fix it, but You! “Somebody crying LORD (3x’s). O LORD come by here.” Longing for and receiving “A RIGHT NOW GOD” is conveyed in Psalm 91 “Abiding under the Shadow of the Almighty” is a metaphor for God’s ongoing promises to care and protect us from ever-present dangers and terrors surrounding our life experiences.” The original setting of these scriptures may be an army going out to battle. Most of the terrors in this Psalm are undefined seemingly intentional so that no kind of danger is omitted for our understanding. Believers in every age can read this Psalm to learn that nothing can harm a child of God unless He permits it. If so, we must believe the LORD is working it out for our good. So this Word is taken from The MacArthur Bible Commentary and The Faith Bible Institute Volume III. Psalm 91 is often called “the Psalm of Life.” The condition of God’s protection is we must Trust Him. He (the Holy Spirit our Helper) lives in us, then we live in Him [Jesus]. We confide/talk to God about our deepest hurts, burdens and share what’s in our hearts. We must believe in His strength. We have the protection of His angels. God Himself in verses 14-16 describes the blessings He gives to those who know and love Him. To love God means a deep longing or clinging to Him. Other promises are long life, satisfaction with life and salvation.  We are Abiding under the Shadow of Your care and protection LORD. Thanks to our Almighty God, “A RIGHT NOW GOD. Thanks for all Your ongoing promises, life satisfaction and salvation to all believers. Thank You LORD we fret for nothing, we trust You to overcome our weaknesses and fears. We trust You with our children, grands, family, situations, hurts, pains and burdens. Our desires are to cling to You more and more. Thanks for living in us and we in You, A RIGHT NOW GOD. As always your comments are welcome, #peace, #love, #hope, #blessings, #deliverance, #belief, #Salvation #meditate and #praise. #Neatbooks4u