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"HAT'S OFF TO MOMS" is the focus of this Inspirational Blast as we celebrated MOTHER'S DAY this past Sunday. MOTHERS are worthy of celebration on this special day and every day. Scriptures in this Inspirational Blast acknowledges the joy of MOTHERHOOD despite the pain, defines the characteristics and a map or guide for women as a MOMS, GRANDMOTHERS or LIKE A MOM influencing a child, children and/or grown children's "Good works"/success. A must read!

Welcome to #YourDestiny, #Your Best Monday Morning Inspirational Blast: “HATS OFF TO MOMS”--Despite recognizing and celebrating MOTHER’S DAY on yesterday (Sunday) every day is the day to say, “MOM I love and thank you for being my MOM. Many MOMS are asleep in Christ until He returns. Those of us in Christ that are still alive expect to be caught up in the clouds/in the air when He returns. Therefore we shall see our MOTHERS again. But until that time, “Hear ye, hear ye” John 16:21 talks about the joy of becoming a MOTHER despite the labor pains. Thus MOMS are those that have and/or influences the lives of children they birth or did not birth. Scriptures describes the excellence of MOTHERS. Proverbs 31:1-9 MOTHERS have raised children in leadership, elective officials, kings and interchange with presidents/vice presidents; taught children not to forget the law leading to good citizenship; not to drink for intoxication-not be become drunks; not to misrepresent justice, but to judge righteously and verse 17 describes MOMS as a women of strength. A MOM of strength leads her children and family by example. Verses 20-31 says, MOMS help the poor and the needy; speaks wisdom, displays kindness, don’t waste time, the children sees what their MOTHER does and calls her blessed. First Peter 3:4—We thank the LORD for MOMS’ incorruptible/honorable beautiful hearts that are filled with God’s gentle and quiet spirit. Proverbs 14:1 says, “A wise woman builds her house.” We thank You LORD as wise MOTHERS, we have and are building our houses with love and support for our families, despite the hardships and disappointing times. Deuteronomy 4:9—We thank You, LORD as MOTHERS and GRANDMOTHERS we have taught and/or are teaching our children Your Word to fear (reverence) You all the days of their life; and they teach their children from generation to generations. Forgive us LORD for our young days of MOTHERHOOD where we “Felled by the wayside.” But now LORD, we have Your map--Your Word before us that continues to give us greater understanding that we are Your elect, chosen by You for “Good works” as a MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER OR ROLE we play in the lives of Your children from young-- old for their “Good works”. As always, #peace, #love, #hope, #blessings, #deliverance, #belief, #Salvation #meditate and #praise. #Neatbooks4u