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New Blog Article

The wonderful children's storybook, Sometimes Here, There and Everywhere by Arnetha Thomas, and the cognitive building workbook that accompanies it, are both delightful, fun and great teaching aids.

With beautiful illustrations, a tale full of morals and etiquette prompts, this storybook and workbook will not only have children giggling but will aid in their understanding of good manners.  Delightful pictures light up the pages accompanying the adorable story of Ary.  It starts one day when Ary arrives at her Grandma's house, only to find she has missed her cousin DJ, yet again.  Her mind suddenly grasps hold of the fact that she is sometimes here, sometimes there and sometimes she is everywhere!  The picture book is a lovely item in itself, but when you accompany it with the character-building workbook you end up with a smart, fun way to help raise children's awareness of several things.  Firstly, what are their dreams?  These books encourage children to dream and understand that they can be the best they can be.  It also highlights good manners and nonviolence.   

Arnetha Thomas has created a wonderful children's story, with an accompanying teaching guide that is an awesome educational tool. Reinforcing a positive attitude, this original, fun and scholastic illustrated story comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book CafĂ©.


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