Navigating Through The Holiday Blues 11/22/2022 6:46:09 PM

A five minute Inspirational Message to cope with grief during the holiday seasons due to death of loved ones and other traumatic events. To grieve is a normal healthy emotion. Jesus grieved. He wept over the death of his good friend, Lazarus. Read John 11:33-35.

On many occasions we have tremendous difficulty navigating through death and traumatic events to reach some degree of acceptance. Not to minimize our loss. Therefore this inspirational message is to help us "Navigate Through the Holiday Blues." Looking forward to you tuning in and our conversations through blog-talk. As always Arnetha declares "Your Destiny, Your Best."

Inspirational Theme: Don’t Give Up/Don’t Give In

Most of us go through something! Yet the holiday seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas triggers ones Holiday Blues, occurring due to the death of loved ones. We call this grief. We say grieving because of current in/out emotions and/or behaviors which includes anger, sadness, crying, loneliness and isolation. Grieving during the holidays are also influenced by special and traumatic events like the deceased’s birthday, separation, divorce, foreclosure and sickness. Our emotions are real. We must acknowledge what we are going through for healing to achieve Your Destiny, Your Best. Your Destiny, Your Best---is between you and God. However Jeremiah 29:11(NIV) speaks on behalf of the LORD, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

What helps us as believers in working through our Holiday Blues are to remember Jesus is the Light, which is greater than our hurts, pains, anger, loneliness, fears, defeats and more. Thus Christ lives in us and we live in Him. His Light illuminates within you and I---God’s Light in us is His love, grace, mercy, faith, wisdom, comfort, compassion, attentiveness, discipline, joy, peace, forgiveness, gratefulness and patience within our spirit. Then let us allow God’s Light in our spirit to spill over into our soul which is our mind, our intelligence, emotions and thoughts dictating or directing our actions to Navigate Through our Holiday and Life Blues.

Finally some suggestions to help our nature or emotions with grieving are: To make a collage/memory book, plant a flower, bush or tree as most appropriate in the memory of your loved one; self-care consisting of balanced meals, plenty of water and sleep since it is easy to become dehydrated due to crying and lost of appetite; and never be ashamed to seek mental health services. For more information on grieving you can google reliable sites like the Mayo Clinic, National Social Work sites and the US Department Center for Disease & Control. In addition Help in the Midst of Grieving Handbook-Revised-PDF download is biblical based includes the grieving process, declarations, activities and more to help cope with grief. Available at see-E Store for PDF downloadable @ $1.59.

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