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2nd Week of Monday morning weekly Inspiration-"Hold On, I'm Comin" a secular song by Sam & Dave. Lyric highlights for this Inspirational Message are: "Don't you even be sad. Lean on me, when times are bad. When the day come and you are down, in a river of trouble and about to drown. Just hold on, I'm comin. Hold on, I'm comin." These lyrics are about love relationships. I believe the messages Sam and Dave wanted to get across were for their women, then women in general to know that help was on the way from their man/husband. Also to "Hold On, I'm Comin," an "Old school song" that is relevant for today.

Just like Sam and Dave wanted their women to feel their love and trust them, God wants us to feel His love and trust Him. God wants a love relationship with us. Thus in times of trouble and seemingly drowning situations, God is telling us to "Hold on, don't give up, to cast all our cares on Him, because He cares! Yolanda Adams sings about the battle not ours, but belongs to the LORD (Chronicles 20:15) Read the entire chapter to understand the battle King Jehoshaphat and the Israelites were facing; in addition to what they did as a holy people unto God.

We can agree that God is better than "I'm comin." God is Omnipresence. His presence is everywhere at the same time. So what can we do, if we seems to be drowning in our troubles? (1) Trust God (2) Pray and cry-out to God (3) Pray for others (4) If you can, help others like the elderly (5) Go about your daily chores or routine as much as possible (6) Say affirmations like "I walk by faith and not by sight and/or find positive scriptures relating to your situation to help get through (7) Praise and thank God before your breakthrough (8) Read Ephesians 6:10-18, the weapons of warfare and take them on---put them into practice (9) Talk to your pastor, someone you have spiritual confidence in, a trusting godly family member or friend and/or (10) Don't be ashamed to seek mental health services.

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Many Blessings for you, your family and loved ones! 

Minister Arnetha


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