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HAPPY Father's DAY

This Blast focuses on the roles of a Father and Father Figures that includes pity/compassion, nurturing and more for the weak; life difficulties; the love of God; and the importance of forgiveness. A must read!

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Hold On 06/10/2024 9:18:32 AM

Welcome to Monday Morning Inspirational Blast "Hold On, I'm Comin" a secular song by Sam & Dave. Lyric excerpts are "Don't you even be sad. Lean on me, when times are bad. When the day come and you are down, in a river of trouble and about to drown. Just hold on, I'm Comin. Hold on, I'm Comin." These lyrics are about love and rescue in times of trouble. Therefore will share Sam & Dave's possible intents of "Hold On, I'm Comin" that are relevant to emphasizing God's "Love and Rescue" to "Save" us from drowning/dying in times of trouble. A must read.

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Monday Morning Inspirational Blast "A RIGHT NOW GOD" is a longing for God because of the plea expressed through the lyrics of COME BY HERE, MY LORD OR KUMBAYA." Then in response to meeting our needs Psalm 91 talks about "Abiding under the Shadow of the Almighty," a metaphor of God's ongoing care and protection for all believers, the condition of His promises and more. A must read.

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