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"HAT'S OFF TO MOMS" is the focus of this Inspirational Blast as we celebrated MOTHER'S DAY this past Sunday. MOTHERS are worthy of celebration on this special day and every day. Scriptures in this Inspirational Blast acknowledges the joy of MOTHERHOOD despite the pain, defines the characteristics and a map or guide for women as a MOMS, GRANDMOTHERS or LIKE A MOM influencing a child, children and/or grown children's "Good works"/success. A must read!

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"GOD'S PERFECT WILL" for our lives is the focus of this Inspirational Blast. A reminder of what is not the primary requirements of GOD'S PERFECT WILL. We reiterate the pleading request to believers, the criteria, purpose and benefits of GOD'S PERFECT WILL to the church community (Romans 12:1-2); and more.

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This Inspirational Blast identifies our distractions hindering our ability to operate in God's perfect will for our lives. We reiterate and learn an increase love relationship with the Father is where our power lies to overcome. Then to trust God as we identify our passions, talents and gifts for operating in His perfect will for our lives. A must read and continue blessings!!!

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